Recordings made at Oxtrack

As an indication of the variety of recording work undertaken at we present a few recordings that have been made here. Thanks to all of the artists involved.

The files are all in MP3 format (128kbits/44.1kHz). To listen to them you must first download them to your computer as we do not stream audio from this site. A single click should normally download the file and open it in your favourite media player (eg, WinAmp). Alternatively, right-click the song name and choose Download or Save as from the menu that appears - then open the file in your audio player as normal.

Album / CD Song title Description
Ceri Payne - Between Here and There Low Fell Stomp

Ceri Payne is a local songwriter and guitarist who plays in a couple of bands and also teaches guitar. These are a couple of his own compositions taken from his album which was laid down in two sessions a few weeks apart. Recorded with just a pair of omni condensor mics these traditional sounding, North East tunes reveal Ceri's sublime playing skills.
Laura Hodgkins - Inspirations Don't know why


Hand in pocket
Taken from Laura's first album, a mix of covers and original material that show her impressive vocal talents to the full. Just 14 years young when she recorded these tracks you can be sure to hear more of Laura in the future.
Jamie Lambert - Northern Lights Songbird

Empty chairs and empty tables
Jamie Lambert is an impressive young singer with a string of musical stage performances behind him. Produced as both a showcase for his talent and a fund-rasing exercise, this album (Jamie's first) has become a big seller.
Dame Allan's School performs Grease Freddy my love Recorded for a local school in support of their annual theatrical production, this recording was made in several parts over several weeks with individual groups of performers at each stage - the entire group never actually met! Scheduling conflicts (exam preparations!) meant the drummer was not available for the first session so all the other instrumental tracks were laid down to a click track by local session musicians. The drums were added a week later. The main vocal and backing vocals were added as separate takes - both double-tracked. The original bass and sax tracks were then separately redubbed at two final sessions.
Nice - DEMO La Bamba

Cantaloop Island
A couple of songs recorded in a single day 'demo tape' session for local jazz/funk band Nice. They are five young lads who have been playing as a group for about five years and who were about to head off to college in varying parts of the country. As you'll hear, they enjoyed themselves on this track!


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