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is now CLOSED due to ill health and this site remains only as a resource for advice etc. Thank you to all the artists who have recorded here over the years.

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We try to operate a simple pricing structure tailored to the needs of the very different artists and performers who use . If you feel your needs are not met within our standard pricing structure, please talk to us as we will always try to accommodate your needs.

See our Package deals for significant savings on standard projects such as demo tapes.

Most recording sessions are on the basis of a full studio day – 9am to 5pm or half day (either 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm) – weekdays in both cases. Weekend bookings are sometimes available – please adjust prices up by 50% for weekend sessions. Activities such as mixing, editing etc. are charged by the hour.

Given adequate notice of your requirements the studio will be prepared (mics, stands, acoustic panels/baffles, cables, monitoring etc.) before the start of a session. Session time starts at the time booked (eg, 9am) – it is usually possible to arrive early to set up equipment but please arrange this with us in advance. 45 minutes is allowed at the end of a session for pack-up and removal of equipment.

Session type Full day Half day Additional hours (9-5) Additional hours (after 5pm)
Solo performer £200.00 £125.00 £25.00 £35.00
Small acoustic group £240.00 £150.00 £30.00 £42.00
4-5 piece Jazz or rock group £280.00 £175.00 £35.00 £49.00
Large group £320.00 £200.00 £40.00 £56.00
ANALOGUE RECORDING 8 track reel-to-reel (includes use of 'scratch' tapes during session) NOTE: Additional media charges may apply to analogue recordings
Session type Full day Half day Additional hours (9-5) Additional hours (after 5pm)
Solo performer £256.00 £160.00 £32.00 £44.80
Small acoustic group £304.00 £190.00 £38.00 £53.20
4-5 piece Jazz or rock group £344.00 £215.00 £43.00 £60.20
Large group £368.00 £230.00 £46.00 £64.40
MIXING & MASTERING Per hour (9-5) Per hour (after 5pm)
Digital mixing - use of Cubase or Nuendo plus full range of plug-ins & moving fader automation £35.00 £49.00
Analogue mixing to 2-track stereo £42.00 £58.80
Mastering to CD or other production ready media £42.00 £58.80
MEDIA Per piece
Blank CD £0.50 without case £1.00 with case
Blank cassette (C10 - C45) £0.85 without case £1.35 with case
1/4" reel-to-reel tape 2500' (2-track stereo mastering) £27.00
1/2" reel-to-reel tape 2500' (8-track analogue recording) £44.00
Blank 74 minute minidisc £2.60 with case
Blank 'Pro' minidisc £4.80 with case
SMALL RUN DUPLICATION Prices include price of media and standard case but no label or insert
CD - 60 min max duration £5.00
Cassette - 45 minute max duration £5.00
Minidisc - 60 min max duration £6.50
Please ask for a competitive quotation on longer CD and cassette runs
Graphic design and full production service is available


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