The studio is equipped with a large range of microphones to suit most voices and instruments. Mics from AKG, Audio-Technica, Shure, MXL, Oktava, Electrovoice and others – including some special, hand made microphones.


We have an Allen & Heath 8-buss analogue desk with wonderful EQ for a real ‘British’ studio sound. The main desk is supplemented by a Yamaha digital recording mixer with a further 24 input channels.

Mic preamps and recording channels include examples from TL Audio, Aphex, Joe Meek, SPL and Trident.

Analogue recording

For those who want a fully analogue recording, provides an 8-track facility based around a Tascam 38 reel-to-reel multi-track recorder with 8 channels of dbx noise reduction to provide recordings comparable to CD quality digital. Mixes can be mastered to a Tascam 32 stereo mastering deck, cassette, minidisc or CD.

Digital recording

We use some of the latest, very high quality, digital recording equipment controlled by several computer systems. In traditional recording studio measures, would be regarded as a 32-track facility. Its software controlled recording equipment provides more than 40 tracks at mix-down and the current desks allow more than 40 simultaneous recording channels – enough for a large orchestra or an extremely large jazz ensemble!

Analogue to digital conversion is handled by 20 channels of 24 bit/96kHz convertors slaved to a single master word clock and recording is made direct to hard disk using Cubase or Nuendo software.

Mixing and Mastering

Analogue recordings can be mixed entirely in the analogue domain using outboard processors and effects from Drawmer, Yamaha, Behringer, TL Audio and others.

Digital mixing is performed entirely by computer using Nuendo with a very large range of plug-in effects (including Waves, PSP, Steinberg, OhmForce, TC Electronics) covering dynamics, reverbs, distortions, delays and mastering. Digital mixing uses our moving fader mixer slaved to the computer with full automation and recall of all mix parameters.

Video editing

The studio has facilities to digitally edit videos on most popular formats (including VHS, Hi-8 and DV) and to edit soundtracks to video using SMPTE, MIDI or digital time synchronisation. Editing software includes Adobe Premiere and Nuendo.

Location recording

We can provide location recording facilities for concerts, drama or similar performances using 8-track digital recorders and 16 or 32 channel mixers. Please enquire for pricing as we quote each location project individually.

CD and cassette production

We produce small runs of CDs or cassettes in-house. Larger runs (typically 50 upwards) are sent out to reliable production houses. Our prices are competitive and our range of services flexible – from straightforward audio duplication to a full service including graphic design and production of finished, commercial release quality product.


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