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Digital Demo Tape recording package deal

Most studios charge by the hour, or charge a daily or weekly block rate - so do we if you ask for our standard rates! It can be very difficult for performers who want only to produce a demo or promo tape to give their best when they have to constantly watch the clock and count every tape or blank CD that gets used, uncertain what the final bill might be.

So … may we introduce our “Digital Demo tape” recording package deal…

For a straightforward, all-inclusive cost of just £200 the package includes:

·         A full day (8 hours) in the studio – say 5 hours of recording and 3 hours of editing/mixdown/mastering (will vary according to style and nature of music).

·         ‘State-of-the-art’ digital recording direct to hard disk from our extensive range of microphones and high-class recording preamps.

·         Free use of media used during the session (multi-track session masters are available at additional charge but are not normally needed)

  • Full Digital Editing and Mastering is included, at no charge
  • Producer/Engineer is included at no charge

·         5 blank label copies of your finished recording(s) on CD or cassette (extra copies are £5 each)

All for £200. No extra charges, no hidden gimmicks*.

This represents a substantial saving from our normal rates – the normal cost of this package for a solo performer or band would be between £300 and £350
– you save at least 30%

As a guide to what you can expect to produce in your day at the studio we offer the following guide – which assumes that you are well rehearsed, with all intros, arrangements, overdubs etc. clearly planned and discussed with us beforehand:

·         Solo performer (singer, guitarist etc.)                3 – 4 songs

·         Jazz/rock/pop band                                       2 – 3 songs

·         Orchestra / large choral group                         Talk to us!

* The (not so) Small Print: To take advantage of our special £200 Demo Tape package, we require a £100 deposit when you book the session (refundable only if you give at least one week cancellation notice), with the balance due at the start of the actual session. If you want additional time to finish your project – whether recording time or mixing/mastering – you can book up to four more hours at a discount of 20% from our normal rates. Our normal terms and conditions apply except where specifically superseded by this offer.

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